Changing the oil a Mazda 6

Change the oil in your Mazda 6 is one of the most important works of maintenance that you can do. Engine heat, oil will break down over time and lose its effectiveness. Along with this, it can collect particles of metal from normal engine operation, and although it is supposed to be filtered by the oil filter, some can pass through it. Changing it, the particles will go with the old oil. If you do not, you can damage internal engine components.


  1. Mazda lifts the front of the cat and put a set of jack stands at the front to hold it. Open the hood, remove the engine oil cap and place it somewhere safe.
  2. Position the pan under the oil drain plug; pulls the plug with a socket wrench and a ratchet. Allow the used oil to drain into the container. Put the cap again and adjust with the socket wrench and ratchet.
  3. Place the pan under the filter and remove it with the oil filter wrench by turning it counterclockwise to clockwise. Check the gasket with the filter out and put it in the tray with the bottom side open to continue draining.
  4. Fill the new filter with new oil. Lubricates the joint thereof with a small amount of oil and install it in the car. Sets the filter by turning in the direction of clockwise until firm. Do not use the key, do it with your hands.
  5. Hold the car with the jack and remove the jack stands. Carefully lower it to the floor.
  6. Pull the dipstick which is in the engine compartment. Dry with a clean cloth and set it aside. Fill the engine with new oil as recommended by the manufacturer on the type and quality you need.
  7. Insert the rod into the tube, making sure that it is full. Remove the dipstick and check the oil level. Return it to its pushing it until it sits snugly in the tube instead.
  8. Properly rid of old oil and filter. Most stores selling auto parts accept for recycling and many do it for free.