Change oil and oil filter Renault Clio

To change the oil and oil filter our Clio there are several aspects to consider.

What oil used my car?

Well, the answer is simple; and I will answer the workshop manual of your car.

In my case, used the oil standard ACEA A1 / A2 / A3 and viscosity 10W40.

The oil has been chosen the semi-synthetic Castrol GTX (Part Synthetic).

What filler for oil use my car?

In this case we also have to consult the car manual.

In D7F engine it is used in which a filter is changed only the inside of the filter, the oil filtering paper. These are called organic filters, since the waste produced at each change are lower. It is not usual in other cars the whole metal filter is changed.

What viscosities numbers mean?

10W number refers to the ease with which oil can be “pumped” into low temperatures, the lower is the number “W”, the better the flow properties and provide engine start at low temperatures. The “W” stands for winter – winter.

The second number is the level of oil viscosity under normal engine operating temperatures and is determined by the kinematic viscosity of oil at 100 ° C.

Every how many kilometers the oil is changed?

The oil should be changed when directed by the manufacturer. Generally if you use a mineral oil it should be changed every 5,000km, and if you use a semi-synthetic oil every 10,000 km; whereas if you use a synthetic oil can extend the oil change up to 15,000km.

Moreover, although our car does not reach the Km for change, also necessary to change the time limit oil; which can range from 6 months a year; since oil loses properties.


  • It is recommended that the oil is hot before performing oil change; to be better and faster empty.
  • Remove the oil plug and oil dipstick on top of the motor (To facilitate drainage of oil)
  • Raise the car on a lift (In my town rented the lift for half an hour fractions $5); or a cat and turrets (Be careful in the latter case, it put a block on the rear wheels, in addition to the handbrake).
  • Loosen the screw to drain crankcase oil. You will need a square 8mm key for this screw. (Beware that will warm oil); and pouring it into a container for recycling. Laredo wait 15 minutes to drain completely.
  • Remove the oil filter. In the case of Clio, it is in a very accessible place; on the right side of the car, next to the crankcase. You must use the filter wrench to loosen. For this car is a green filter, and just change the inside of paper, along with the rubber seals the filter, after wetting them a little oil (Two). Then you have to replace the entire filter in place; and moderately tighten clockwise.
  • Replace the pan plug and place a new copper ring. This will give sealing and prevent losses.
  • Lower the car and fill the oil from the top. The filter can take a while to absorb the oil. Oil capacity for the D7F engine is 3.7L.
  • Back up the car and check that there are no losses or plug the filter. If any, further tightening until they disappear.
  • Check that the oil level is between the minimum and maximum marks. After running some Km recheck the oil level and fill if necessary.
  • And with that the oil change operation would be completed.

Advantages to change the oil yourself.

  • You know you put oil safely, brand and viscosity (In some places charge you one thing and they put another)
  • You wait long enough to drain the old oil, and do it by the bottom plug, not the vacuum cleaner using now in the workshops of fast mechanics.
  • You sure that you replace the filter with a new one.
  • Complacency (for me one of the most important)