Changing Your Vehicle’s Oil

There are a wide range of tasks in the maintenance of our car, either by disbelief or lack of knowledge usually send the mechanic but the truth is that they are very simple and can perform them ourselves in the comfort of our home and adapting to our time.

One of these tasks is called oil change, and highlight step that is carried out so coarsely.

First we highlight the importance of the lubricant, which irrigates our engine and without him running our car would not be possible as it performs vital tasks such as reducing friction and lubrication temperature control parts that keep our engine running.

In the market we will find a lot of lubricant products that promise the best results from the study if this is a real issue to be treated separately because of the breadth of its features

To perform the oil change, we need

Oil (approximately 3 pints although some cars carry up to 4 liters)

Oil Filter (necessarily have to be right for your car and model, never skimp on the quality thereof)


To begin, we must first identify the crankcase cover, we will tend to lower the car models and find a cover to protect it when removing find a plug for easy identification.

Some people recommend performing this task with the engine cooling stage and not completely cold, but it really depends on the type of oil as it is important to remove flow to remove the plug , and the fluidity or viscosity of the oil is determined by its temperature, what I respect I recommend them PROCEED with the engine cold.

When removing the cap carter place a bowl or tray, there began to be deposited oil slowly and gradually.

Then withdraw the oil filter usually located in the center of the engine but is easy to identify, we need to remove a key chain or otherwise force of arms, removing it carefully to avoid breaking the seal.

On removal notice that still contains oil so it is necessary to remove it carefully.

Some people recommend in this state to start the car for about 15 seconds, and this facilitates cleaning expelling the residual lubricating oil system, but the truth is that we will leave this to the professionals, if you still want to do it is important not to lead by the measured car oil, as this depends on where the meter bulb is located, thus more than 15 seconds can finish with the life of your engine.

Once the sump drain plug again will place the same, we will apply the new oil filter and post the new lubricant in the amounts indicated by the official manual of our car.

After the task can start the car and evaluate the oil indicator can take several minutes to tell his capacity as volume but does not measure pressure